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Why Choose RE/MAX

You Deserve a Top Producer

Experienced. Full time. Above the Crowd!®

That's what RE/MAX Real Estate Professionals like Bartlesville Real Estate Team are all about.

Across North America, RE/MAX associates average 10 years of experience. Twice the industry average! Bartlesville Real Estate Team has been a realtor since 1982!

That experience means RE/MAX Associates like Bartlesville Real Estate Team are better qualified to set the right prices for the homes they list, better equipped to market those homes, and more likely to find a buyer in a shorter period of time.

As a result, the average RE/MAX Associate in the U.S. out-produces competing agents by a 3-to-1 margin. Call it the margin of success.

There's no substitute for experience. And in real estate, there's no substitute for RE/MAX Top Producers like Bartlesville Real Estate Team!

RE/MAX: The Marketing Experts

RE/MAX Sales Associates are personally vested in the homes they list.

Unlike agents of most other companies, RE/MAX Associates are free to spend as much as they need to promote a particular property.

RE/MAX Top Producers know the value of smart marketing. This year, RE/MAX Associates are expected to spend over $130 million in personal and group advertising.

That's commitment.

When a RE/MAX Associate lists a home, he or she makes a personal financial investment. If the home doesn't sell, the agent can actually lose money.

No wonder RE/MAX Associates are so determined to find the right buyers willing to pay the right price.

A Continent-Wide Referral Network

RE/MAX is one of the fastest growing real estate organizations in the world. With independently owned and operated offices throughout North America, the RE/MAX system stretches from Newfoundland to Hawaii, the Dominican Republic to Alaska.

The tremendous growth of RE/MAX means added service to clients and customers everywhere.

Throughout the RE/MAX Referral System - the most effective service of its kind - RE/MAX Associates are able to help real estate customers who are moving to a new are find the right home before they relocate.

At the same time, the RE/MAX Referral System provides a new source of home buyers for listing clients. People like you, who expect the maximum in service from RE/MAX…and Bartlesville Real Estate Team.

Remax Painted Buffalo at the Remax of Bartlesville office.